Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Birth of a Painting Series X: "Mountain, Clouds, and Streams".

Nature Series: Themes of Taoism by Denise Hartley. Sculptural paintings on wood.

“My paintings are influenced from real physical spaces that exist in nature. The painting is intrinsic to the wood panels that I use. A tree was cut down to create this panel; the life of the tree encourages the finished piece. My paintings begin more as sculptural projects. I assemble, sand, stain, and texture, with an eye to the wood grains. I apply the paint by rubbing the surface. The surface inspires the art.” D.A. Hartley

"Mountains, Clouds, and Streams", Water!, Phebe Conley Gallery, Fresno.

"Mountain, Clouds, and Streams", mixed media on wood, triptych, 4' x 6', 2005. Courtesy of the artist.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Wishing Everyone a Happy Holidays!

A new art business will be launching soon, my studio is now finished!

The creative space that I have been longing for, and working so hard to create.

Here are the before shots!
It has been a journey sorting through inherited objects of questionable character!